Public Service

Public Service

Public Service Inside and Outside Government 
By Ben S. Malayang III, President  

Well-meaning and well-intentioned decisions to run in elections invariably stem from a commitment to serve communities, country and people. And so, we admire all Sillimanians who ran in the last elections on the promptings of their desire to serve God and to serve others. 

They vied for public office urged by a genuine passion to bring good governance to Filipinos. The variety of their platforms of government represented their respective advocacies and intentions to create more and better oportunities for us all. 

To Sillimanians who won: Congratulations! May the mandate entrusted you allow you to live out the ideals of your Silliman education. The challenge ahead is to bring public service closer to the hearts and hearths of our people. We trust that your leadership will reflect the highest ideals of the Via, Veritas, Vita. 

To those who lost: We rest assured that your strength of character has provided the public a glimpse of a politics of integrity. Ahead is an opportunity for you to remain relevant and a full influence in our nation's life by exercising the powers of the Office of the Citizen. We will continue to be admiring you for what you do.

God bless all!