Silliman Unites in Prayer for Syria

Silliman Unites in Prayer for Syria

Students from different faith perspectives filled the Silliman University Church as they united in prayer for Syria last September 11.


The Justice and Peace Committee of the Silliman University Church and the Student Government led the collective prayer for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria. Christians, Muslims and those from other religious denominations set aside their differences and joined hands as one community. Each sector articulated their special prayers.

As candles were lighted, students started forming a human cross sign. It symbolized their common desire for the parties involved to be enlightened on the real issue affecting thousands of Syrians and for faith to work in putting an end to the crisis. 

The prayer was conducted at the height of negotiations on the move to impose sanctions on the Syrian government, including a proposed military intervention, for the alleged chemical attacks against a rebel group that claimed the lives of hundreds.