Foreword in the book “Milestones of Academic Excellence: FIRE in the Five Cs of Silliman University Educationauthored by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan.

By Ben S. Malayang III, President

All universities thrive on ideas. Ideas shape the world. But ideas remain impotent unless properly articulated and boldly said out loud. It is when ideas are heard that they move people, and so move the world.Image

In this collection of speeches, Dr. Betsy Joy Bustamante-Tan, Silliman's Vice President for Academic Affairs, presents acute snapshots of the ideas, beliefs, visions, values, and virtues that shape the lasting and recent directions, thrusts and pedagogical anchors of Silliman education.

The speeches together weave a tapestry of an education that seeks to transform the whole person:

  • An education that goes beyond building competence, but, as well, building character and faith.
  • An education that seeks to enrich the mind, body, soul and spirit, together — an education that seeks for all Sillimanians to become persons for others, for themselves, and for God.
  • An education that seeks for all Sillimanians to live out the Via, Veritas, Vita in their personal and professional undertakings.

It is an education that disturbs, so that Sillimanians become always relevant in where they are present.

Please read these speeches. And you'll know what I mean.