Ms. Marie Darve S. Lazalita

Ms. Marie Darve S. Lazalita

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“Do you love Teacher Darve?”


“Because she doesn’t get angry!”

This is how one of Teacher Darve’s toddler students answered when asked if he loved his teacher. If anyone has been with a group of toddlers, they would know that being able to control their temper and understand kids are the most important traits to have around them.

In celebration of the
National Teacher’s Month, we interviewed Teacher Marie Darve S. Lazalita on her life as a relatively new teacher and what made her pursue this path.

Teacher Darve finished her degree on Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Pre-School at Silliman University and started teaching as a substitute teacher at the Early Childhood Program of the university in 2014 before she was hired as a regular teacher for the toddler program in 2015.

She currently handles three toddler classes everyday – morning, noon, and afternoon. The toddler program is under the SU Church, and is one of the ministries of the Christian Education and Nurture Program since 2009.

Teacher Darve initially studied Nursing in college, as that was what her father wanted her to pursue, but soon shifted to Education because she knew it was where her passion really lies. She first had her doubts about getting a pre-school major for practical reasons but considers it a divine intervention when she finally decided to pursue it. Her choice doesn’t only allow her to enjoy teaching but also to better understand her own children.

Teaching isn’t new to her as she has taught during Sunday school at their local church since she was 12 years old. This, she believes, is where her passion to teach children started. Even when her decision was questioned by family and friends, as they see it financially impractical and thought it would be easier for her to teach at least high school students, her love and dedication to teaching younger kids prevailed in the end. She says that it cannot be explained in words why she chose this path but she just knows that this is where God wants her to be and where she will be happy.

For her, the most fulfilling part of being a pre-school teacher is being able to see the children grow in the Lord, and know that she was be able to nurture them and help in making God the center of their lives. She believes that the most important lessons in life is learned at the early stages, so it important to teach children in a holistic way – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Teacher Darve’s passion and faith led her to serve the ministry. When asked if she sees herself teaching 10 or 20 years from now, she says that she will be happy wherever God puts her. If the children and the church still needs her, she will be happy to serve them as long as she can.