IEMS Faculty and Students Present Papers at Nat’l Systematic Biologists Symposium

IEMS Faculty and Students Present Papers at Nat’l Systematic Biologists Symposium

Faculty and students of the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (IEMS) attended the 35th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the Association of Systematic Biologists of the Philippines (ASB) on May 28-31 at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City.

The delegation was headed by IEMS Director, Dr. Hilconida P. Calumpong, and four students who presented their papers and posters during the symposium. 

The following papers were presented: 

  1. Frances Bengwayan, Fernan Aban, Ron Ron Doplah, Joanna May Bergania, Maxine Labonete, Pau-lina A. Bawingan. Taxonomy and characterization of folicolous Lichens in Adams, Ilocos Norte.
  2. Billy Wagey, Hilconida P. Calumpong, Ian Canlas, Dianne Mira Yap, Persie Mark Sienes.  Comparative morphology and population structure of the spoon seagrass Halophila ovalis in Manadao, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  3. Alfred Kase, Hilconida P. Calumpong.  Morphological and genetic analysis of wild and farmed Caulerpaspecies.
  4. Anggreini D.N. Rupidara, Socorro Z. ParcoIsolation and characterization of Bacteria isolated from diseased and healthy staghorn corals, Acro-pora millepora (Ehrenberg, 1834) and Acropora aspera (Dana, 1845)

Poster presented:

  1. Andriani RafaelFoliar disease of mangrove plants in natural and reforested mangrove forests.

The ASBP was established in 1982 to promote and represent the science and practice of taxonomy, systematic, and natural history in the country. Initially formed by a core group of Filipino biologists and researchers based in the National Museum, its membership has grown to encompass professionals, students, and enthusiasts all over the Philippines and abroad. Its scope has expanded in recent years outside of the traditional sphere of basic taxonomy and systematic to include ethnobiology, bio-diversity conservation, and public education. Membership in the ASBP is open to all who subscribe to the goals of the organization.