SU: Jesus Christ, the Solid Rock

SU: Jesus Christ, the Solid Rock

Silliman University (SU) continues to yearn for better days affirming its hopes and aspirations on the theme “Hope Arising from the Solid Rock”, the Rock being Jesus Christ himself, as it celebrates its 119th Founders Day, August 9-31, 2020.

Dr. Betty Cernol McCann, SU president said the “theme depicts what we all are going through individually and as a Silliman community amid this global COVID-19 pandemic. Prospects of getting back to a normal life seem black and bleak.”

However, McCann emphasized that “at the core of all the seeming darkness that surrounds us is our Christian faith, one that arises from within and pierces through all the confusion, anxiety and hopelessness that these times challenge us to rise above, there is always the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ himself, the Rock whom we can lean on, in times of darkness, fear, suffering and death.”

Dr. Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope, vice president for academic affairs and chairperson of the Founders Day Executive Committee explained the design and color of the proposed FD T-shirt saying “This Rock is Jesus, the One who gives light to Silliman represented by the SU Hall, attesting to the fact that after 119 years, it has remained strong as it is founded on the Rock.”

Dr. Cleope admitted that there are always challenges, however, they “bring out the light, filling us with hope in sustaining us especially during these times of uncertainties.”

Dr. Elizabeth Susan Vista Suarez, dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts and co-chair of the FDEC added that the iconic Silliman Hall stood strong and tall, weathering storms over a century, in pursuit of Christian education for what then was 15 and now 10,000 and counting.”

She added that “Silliman Hall represents Silliman University. The very place where it all began. It was then the classroom, church, graduation hall, and dormitory. Our humble beginnings began here.”