SUCN Batch ‘08 “gives back”

SUCN Batch ‘08 “gives back”

Silliman University College of Nursing Class 2008 held their annual charity event, Tikang: A Life Long Journey led by Devon Asdillo last August 24, 2019, at the Regional Evacuation Center in Tambojangin, Amlan, Negros Oriental. This annual charity event is in partnership with Gaba-an Youth Lead, a youth facilitating team and community based organization that offers several fun and learning programs for youth development. Two speakers from the batch shared their knowledge on two significant issues to a 53-member, active, youth audience.

Dr. Bianca Camille Bulaybulay, a licensed doctor of Guihulngan District Hospital, talked about Mental Health with a focus on suicide and depression, a subject that has social impact on this particular age group. Dr. Bulaybulay said that “it’s extra important to remember that you’re always allowed to talk about what you’re feeling and why it’s also important for others to listen.”

For her part, Ms. Phelyn Frances Oracion, a registered Occupational Health Nurse, discussed the topic HIV/AIDS Trends in the Philippines and highlighted the basics of its transmission, prevention, and youth statistics. Given that the majority of infections are among 15 to 24-year old bracket, it is important for teenagers today to be aware and share their knowledge.

SUCN Batch ‘08 hopes to continue their “Giving Back” activities by sharing their blessings, helping the poorest of the poor, and going the extra mile for others.

SUCN Batch ‘08 with Gaba-an Youth Lead and Amlan Youth participants.


(Left) Dr. Bianca Camille Bulaybulay talks on Mental Health. (Right) Ms. Phelyn Frances Oracion discusses HIV/AIDS Trends in the Philippines.


They are the volunteers.