Silliman University is now ready to accept online enrollment for the Summer 2020 Online Classes. This summer school  primarily serves students who are required to take summer classes based on their curriculum, have prerequisites for higher subjects or academic level, and those who are graduating.

However, those who cannot enroll in the online summer classes due to various reasons, they are given assurance that the University will find means to accommodate them during the regular semester. Please coordinate with your dean, director, chairperson or adviser for arrangements.

The University is also introducing a new tuition payment scheme for the online summer classes to ease financial burden on the students.

SU assures everyone that its primary concern is the welfare and safety of the students amid the COVID-19 pandemic while meeting the academic needs of students. In recognition of the economic situation at this time, the decision to hold online summer classes comes with it the introduction of an easier, modified tuition payment scheme.

Enrollment will start on April 3, 2020 and online classes will begin on April 13, 2020.

Please follow the enrollment process using your MySilliman Portal.

Click here for instructions on the Enrollment Flow