Alternatively, you may pay thru the following banks which provide us online services:

BPI Perdices – Peso          1081-0003-16

BDO Silliman Campus      8040009966 (for College and Senior High students)

BDO Silliman Campus      8040009958 (for High School students)

BDO Silliman Campus      8040009931 (for Elementary/Early Childhood students)

Metrobank                         443-7-44350202-1 (use Payment Slip)

Security Bank                    0315-081901-001

PhilTrust                            42120-000051-5

Union Bank                        1450000347

We would like to remind you to always provide your ID number as reference to your deposit and be alert of any changes in banking hours and guidelines. Transactions for the day will be posted on the next business day which will also be the day when you can enroll.