SU ranks 3rd among top-performing schools, produces topnotcher in PTLE

SU ranks 3rd among top-performing schools, produces topnotcher in PTLE

Angel Megumi Quiamco ranks 7th in the Licensure Examination for Physical Therapists.

Silliman University (SU) ranks third among the top-performing schools in the country, producing 59 new licensed physical therapists with one of them ranking 7th in the December 2023 Physical Therapists Licensure Examination (PTLE).

Based on the results released by the Professional Regulation Commission, SU achieved a 92.18% passing rate, which is higher than the national passing rate of 68.36%.

Angel Megumi Quiamco, among the examinees, garnered an 88.60% rating, placing her 7th among the successful examinees with the top ten highest ratings.

Quiamco said that she aimed to score high because she had been taught to always aim high. However, the result still came as a pleasant surprise.

“When I found out that I ranked 7th place in the PTLE, I was neither crying nor jumping for joy. Instead, I was speechless,” said Quiamco.

To prepare for the exam, Quiamco said she made reading and studying a habit. She would intently listen to review classes whether they were held online or onsite. She would then read a set of questions from reviewers.

“Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I would go out for a walk.  I would also end every night listening to the daily guided scripture from my Bible app to help me calm down,” Quiamco added.

Quiamco acknowledged the faculty and staff of the SU Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (IRS) for mentally preparing her for the review.

Quiamco graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, cum laude, in May 2023.

For her performance in the national licensure examination, Quiamco will receive from SU a cash incentive of P200,000.

Congratulations to the graduates of the SU IRS, who are now licensed PTs:

  1. Abarco, Maria Sophia M.
  2. Auditor, Maria Isabel F.
  3. Bael, Dale Kenneth S.
  4. Benedicto, Angela Bella B.
  5. Berenguel, Kyle Moses V.
  6. Borongan, Mark Lindyl A.
  7. Bureros, Jeroni Leofil J.
  8. Bustillo, Lou Jynny B.
  9. Cabarrubias, Sunday Marie M.
  10. Cacas, Frances May D.
  11. Calinawan, Erljen A.
  12. Calunod, Richard II. D.
  13. Camense, Jem Rhod J.
  14. Carbon, Lawrence L.
  15. Cortez, Shannen Ashley P.
  16. Credo, Maria Piona O.
  17. De la Peña, Mykel Peitro A.
  18. Elvinia, Camille T.
  19. Evangelista, Johnniel S.
  20. Facurib, Glenn Alphonsus R.
  21. Gesite, Julei A.
  22. Guantero, Nestlyn Mae L.
  23. Ibero, Eurika G.
  24. Jalosjos, Milea Gionette M.
  25. Jong, Catherine D.
  26. Labasan, Kim Arthur D.
  27. Lacpao, Mariepol C.
  28. Lazo, Chris Valerie S.
  29. Lopez, Frances Edelweiss R.
  30. Lumayag, Ramon Jovi T.
  31. Luzano, Melody Mae H.
  32. Macapanas, Mighrene Sharizze B.
  33. Malicay, Jevenus M.
  34. Malinao, Mary Clarence P.
  35. Merquita, Beatriz P.
  36. Merquita, Bianca P.
  37. Monte de Ramos, Ray Angel B.
  38. Oracion, Olive Grace B.
  39. Orbon, Hannah V.
  40. Ozoa, Nica Claire P.
  41. Partosa, Paul Michael
  42. Pasco, Cris Lyne L.
  43. Patrocinio, Lorain Jane N.
  44. Quiamco, Angel Megumi S. – TOP 7
  45. Retes, John Francis J.
  46. Reyes, Roina Rica M.
  47. Rumbaoa, Ma. Pola Maxine G.
  48. Sibala, Christian Allen
  49. Sonjaco, Meghan Therese C.
  50. Tag-at, Danna Ysabel A.
  51. Tamayo, Scodd Ice R.
  52. Trongcoso, France Ceasar F.
  53. Umbal, Kube Jyzom E.
  54. Utlang, Princes Jale D.
  55. Uy, Maica Jayn R.
  56. Villones, Kate Chantelle B.
  57. Yaeso, Kristylle Kim G.
  58. Yamuta, Richelyn T.
  59. 59. Yap, Lioubov Joss M.


Silliman University ranks third among top-performing schools with 50 or more examinees and with at least 80% passing rate.