To Our Fellow SUHS Alumni:

The Silliman University High School will be celebrating its centennial in August 2016. This is a grand celebration that brings together alumni and friends from around the globe in what has come to be known as tight-knit camaraderie only born of genuine Silliman Spirit.

Planning for the SUHS Centennial has started as early January 2015. A committee, the SUHS Centennial Committee, led by Grace Sumalpong (SUHS 1972) who is also a Member of the Board of Trustees of the University, is on top the preparations.

As early as this year, the Committee is encouraging all alumni and friends to book their calendars for August 2016. It will be a big event that will run as part of the month-long University Founders Day. Efforts are being coordinated with hotels, restaurants and other business establishments to ensure that we are able to provide the necessary accommodation and fun and meaningful activities to as many as who can be with us for this centennial celebration.

With preparations requiring a considerable amount of mobilization fund, the Committee is encouraging all SUHS alumni batches to each contribute Php5,000. This was the amount that was presented and approved during the SUHS Alumni General Assembly last June 20, 2015 attended by over 70 alumni batch representatives from Class 1954 to 2014. Contributions may be remitted to the Centennial treasurer, Rosewell Cataylo.

Each contribution of Php5,000 will be officially accounted for. A budget drawn up and its breakdown made available to all alumni. In the same spirit of transparency and accountability, a periodic financial report will be released to the SUHS alumni batches.

The amount that the SUHS alumni batches will pool together will complement University support and other fund-raising activities of the Committee. All these initiatives are driven towards subsidizing costs in order that participation in all the activities of the SUHS centennial celebration is optimized.

An initial line-up of activities will be posted initially on the official Facebook page of the SUHS

Grace A. Sumalpong
Chair, SUHS Centennial Committee