IT Dep’t Chair Speaks on Local Knowledge in Hong Kong

IT Dep’t Chair Speaks on Local Knowledge in Hong Kong

A senior faculty of the College of Computer Studies (CCS) was a plenary speaker in a consultative workshop on Inter-Asia Curriculum Courseware Development held March 20 to 21 at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

Asst. Prof. Janice Antoniette V. Forster, Chair of the Information Technology Department, was the only presentor from the Philippines.

Her presentation focused on activities and programs in Silliman that strengthen local knowledge resources in the digital domain. The presentation was aimed at broadening the perspective from which Lingnan and its partner universities can better explore the possibility of offering Inter-Asia Cultural Studies online.

Two of the projects that CCS is actively involved in the University include the creation of an online database of traditional alternative sources of medicines and food ingredients, and a virtual library of local knowledge sources from different regions in the Philippines.

This two-day consultative workshop gathered participants from India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. It was spearheaded by Lingnan’s Department of Cultural Studies and Kwan Fong Research Centre.