9 Japanese students complete SU Intensive English Program

9 Japanese students complete SU Intensive English Program

At least nine students from Shikoku Gakuin University (SGU) completed the Intensive English Program (IntEP) of Silliman University (SU) last Sept. 3-20.

Dr. Warlito Caturay, Jr., SU Language Learning Center coordinator, orients SGU students about the SU Intensive English Program.

Dr. Warlito Caturay, Jr., SU Language Learning Center coordinator, said that under the three-week program, the students were enrolled in three classes: academic reading and writing class; conversation class; and a class on reading and talking about culture.

“Traditionally, we would teach (IntEP students) all academic skills, but we thought that since they will be here only for three weeks, we thought that they would benefit more if there were more speaking classes,” he added.

Caturay said that the program also highlighted the importance of culture.

SGU students with their SU student-buddies inside the Dumaguete City Public Market.

“We had cultural activities and then we had immersion activities…They had a food and market tour, they had an intercultural communication seminar and workshop and they were also immersed in our GE (General Education) classes so that they will have a sense of what it’s like to study in an ESL (English as a Second Language) setting,” said Caturay.

Students of Shikoku Gakuin University (SGU) with their coordinator, Prof. Kayo Nakazawa (leftmost) and some Silliman University (SU) English Department teachers.

Prof. Kayo Nakazawa, coordinator of the SGU students, said that their university aims to develop their students as global citizens by improving their English language skills and helping their students experience new environments.

SGU students at the painitan of Dumaguete City Public Market.

“Before coming here (in SU), (my students) were so nervous…however, day by day, they really enjoyed staying here. All of them love Silliman,” said Nakazawa.

The IntEP, said Nakazawa, is also a way for SGU students to experience how it is like to be an exchange student but for a shorter term.

Nakazawa said it is their fourth year of sending SGU students to study English in SU.

SGU students during their tour of the SU main library.

SGU is one of SU’s long-standing partners in Japan for its foreign student exchange program, along with the International Christian University and Ferris University.