Originally named Center for Women’s Studies and Development (CWSD), the Silliman University Center for Gender and Development Studies is the first academe-based women’s studies center in the Philippines established in 1981.


To be at the forefront in the promotion of gender-fair education and a sustainable future through gender mainstreaming in Negros Oriental and beyond


Provision of services in the promotion of gender-fair education and gender integration in public policy for implementation in academic and non-academic organizations and institutions in Negros Oriental and beyond


  • To raise the level of consciousness of the academic and greater community through the inclusion of gender issues in the curriculum;
  • To engage in research and undertake projects for the advancement of gender issues;
  • To conduct outreach programs, activities, and services in the community to address gender issues;
  •  To provide a pool of resource persons and a reading resource for the university and the community; and
  • To collaborate with local government units, non-government organizations, people’s organizations and other agencies for the promotion of best practices in gender empowerment.

Current Activities of the Center

  • Collection of feature films, documentaries and clips on gender for use by anyone in the University and the public-at-large
  • Coming up with books written in the Philippine languages for use in the elementary schools that are gender sensitive
  • Gender-awareness raising in elementary and high schools in the locality through consultancy, talks, and service-learning
  • Active collaboration with LGUs to make their own Gender and Development Program, which had been mandated by the national government, active and effective


  • Formulate research proposal which are inter-disciplinary on teen-age sexuality
  • Reactivate the involvement of faculty associates asap since this was one of the strengths of the Center  some years back  (individual competence of faculty associates; cross disciplinal)
  • Invite experts and fellows to the Center for linkages and collaborative studies