Some faculty members of Silliman University recognized that with the implementation of the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160) in January 1992 local government units will be in need of technical assistance in the areas of local government planning, finance, and administration. In response to the aforementioned needs of local government units and pursuant to the mission statement of Silliman University to develop the total person within the framework of the Christian faith, they organized themselves to form the Silliman University Center for Local Government Affairs (SU-CELGA)

Later, the members decided to include other areas of government – national government and corporate affairs – as areas concern and the name of the center was changed to SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS (SUGA) CENTER.


A leading center for good governance and countryside development.


Be an active partner for the professionalization of government service and empowerment of the constituency for new politics, good governance, sustainable development and prosperity for all.

Purposes and Objectives

SUGA Center commits to:

  1. Provide assistance to local government units with regard to government planning and fiscal administration;
  2. Engage in policy research on governance;
  3. Establish linkages with local, national and international agencies dealing with government affairs;
  4. Publish manuals and articles on government affairs;
  5. Assist in reviewing government activities in furtherance of the purposes and intentions of SUGA Center;
  6. Engage in moral recovery and value-formation programs for good governance;
  7. Undertake such other programs deemed relevant and necessary by the Center.

Areas of Concern

  1. Local Government Unites
  2. National Government
  3. Government Corporate Affairs
  4. Other Government Affairs

Program Components

  1. Action Research
    • Fiscal Policy
    • Feasibility studies on government projects.
    • Monitoring government activities.
    • Monitoring government officials? managing capabilities.
    • Performance audit.f. Others
  2. Training
  3. System Development and Installation
  4. The Center provides training to local government and other officials on :
    • The making of feasibility studies;
    • Performance evaluation and project monitoring;
    • Public finance and budgeting;
    • Parliamentary procedure;
    • Barangay Justice System;
    • Office management and records management, and
    • Accountability of officers
  5. Publications
    The Center publishes manuals on local government finances and administration, other manuals on government affairs, and research outputs.

SUGA Center Governing Board

Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan

Members :
Dr. Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope
Atty. Gloria G. Futalan
Prof. Jojema D. Indab
Mr. Roberto D. Montebon
Dr. Reynaldo Y. Rivera
Atty. Tabitha E. Tinagan (Ex-Officio Member)

Atty. Tabitha E. Tinagan
Lyn V. Santilla
Office Assistant