1. Log-in at https://soul.su.edu.ph/ using your SU email address ([email protected]) by clicking “Log-in using your account on Google.”
  2. Once all sign-up details are filled out, instruction to open your email address will appear. Click “CONTINUE” to proceed.
  3. Open your SU email. Click the confirmation link in the email that was sent to you.
  4. When you click the confirmation link, you will be directed back to the mySOUL website. Click “COURSES.” This concludes the sign-up procedures.
  5. Start navigating your mySOUL account. To update your mySOUL profile, click “MY COURSES” then click “PROFILE.” Click “EDIT PROFILE” to put in your information and upload your profile photo.

To REGISTER FOR A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, read the steps here: https://su.edu.ph/virtual-classroom-registration/