Realities that Break the Heart

Realities that Break the Heart

Reflections on how the murder of children in Pakistan and the dying of a friend interlace this time of celebrating the birth of Christ:

What a sad Christmas indeed. But so was the first Christmas: it was dark, dangerous, dreadful.

Then the Star shone bright, and Angels sang.

And all — the richest kings and the poorest shepherds — bowed to worship the God with us.

We see in this Christmas our seeming helplessness to terror and calamities. But by faith, we too see our sure hope of God’s salvation.

Despite everything and anything sad and bad, do have — and insist on having — a hopeful and wonderful Christmas!


Priscilla Lasmarias-Kelso

AB English (1961);

Professor Lasmarias-Kelso is an Outstanding Sillimanian in the field of Education. She graduated magna cum laude from Silliman University with a degree of AB English in 1961. She completed her graduate studies in English and American Literature at Stanford University.