116th Founders Day Message

116th Founders Day Message

By: Dr. Ben S. Malayang
| Silliman University President

It always brings us joy to see old friends, be reunited with classmates and teachers after being away for years, and relive memories that feel fresh whenever we are back on campus.

More than it being a celebration, the Founders Day is a constant reminder of the innate value of relationships in our life. Every August, our reminiscing of Silliman never fails to hold a face of someone, of people that brings a smile and warmth in our hearts. And it is this human face that truly makes the Founders Day alive.

I welcome all Sillimanians and guests from across the globe to our 116th Founders Day. What Silliman is and what more it can still become lie greatly in how much of our being a Sillimanian we share in making Christ be felt in the lives of many.

Let us rekindle ties this Founders Day and deepen even more the meaning and purpose for which we have come to be one Silliman community.

Happy Founders Day!